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Pretty girls in elegant dresses, partying until dawn. Irresistible boys with mischievous smiles and dangerous intentions. White lies, dark secrets, and scandalous hook-ups.

Fenton Academy.

Beautiful and dirty rich is a phrase that fittingly describes the students of Fenton Academy. Swarovski embellished Louboutin's, quilted Chanel clutches and Cartier are all these pretty little devils abide by. The fresh faces of Fenton can be found receiving the most sought after invitations and attendances to the most decadent events. It's a charmed life for the young and well endowed. Or, is it? After all, in a society so built up on reputation, appearances are everything. Is there more to the pretty frocks and strapping suits than they let on? It's time to find out.

AU: An Academy RP that could also be perceived as a Gossip Girl spin-off RP.

Daniel Michael Henley ♦ 16 ♦ Straight ♦ Junior ♦ Penn Badgley

 “Setting fire to our insides for fun.”


Ever since he was a young boy Daniel has very much so been trying to escape the bland image he has conjured up of his future – he finds it hard to believe that a knock-on effect of his life at the moment will eventually lead to something he’ll find happiness in. Always trying to make the best of people, he has been attempting to wean his mother off the pain medication she is now so reliant on in order to try and make her grow a maternal bone in her body. No improvement there. It had been this way ever since his dad left his mother for another woman. Daniel hardly thought it possible for anything to improve – his depression snowballing into suicidal feelings since the age of fifteen. One night when his mother was zonked out on her “crazy pills”, as he calls them, Daniel parked himself on the armchair diagonally opposing his mother’s drugged up slumbering self. He merely sat there for an hour or so, eyes glued onto the hideous drone that was the weather report of that night. After an hour had passed, he wrenched himself onto his feet, turned off the TV, paced down the hall and into the bathroom. Door locked, he made his first attempt to escape from the life he had grown so tired of living. When his wrist had been suitably bandaged up, he got sent into the care of Manhattan’s Rehabilitation Centre for Troubled Teens – he can still remember being by the water cooler and seeing her for the first time. At the time, when he caught her rustic brown eyes with his stare, he could barely even think of how to react – she was like a rose; so fragile, so delicate. Everything about her intoxicated him. Her skeletal fingers stemmed her taut lips and blew him a sarcastic kiss and that was that. Daniel was completely, irretrievably in awe of this girl. He and Felicity met each other for lunch most days in the centre, although she never really seemed to eat much. He didn’t feel like he could say anything, but he never stopped wondering how such a beautiful rarity could find herself in the position to feel she’d need to starve herself. He couldn’t think of a light in which she’d look anything but extraordinary. After being discharged from the centre, he saw her a couple of times – always surrounded by a flock of people, always the centre of things. It’s fair to say, Daniel had fallen in love with Felicity Newman. He sat through, watching as her and Benjamin became an item – watching as they fell apart, too. They spoke a few times since, but Daniel didn’t know how to make himself truly noticed by Felicity, especially when it seemed her affections were elsewhere. Given his high praises in academia, Daniel was granted a scholarship to Fenton, which is a seemingly rare occurrence due to his lowly Brooklyn origins, but the dean deemed it passable given his intelligence.


Daniel is a sweet-natured boy, however despite the fact he may not be climbing the highest rungs of the popularity ladder, his wit and intelligent humour is appreciated within the Fenton community. Lately, he had struck up a sort-of friendship with Samuel, which seemed to be introducing him to the wild side that the Upper East Side had to offer. Benjamin never really seemed to take a liking to him, though. Daniel is quite artistic – he has a strong interest in works of literature and philosophy. He doesn’t overly publicise this, but it certainly allows him to have a stronger insight into an intelligent humour and means of conversation – Daniel is an interesting individual. Some say he carried an air of mystery about him, due to his vague references to his home life. Although he still lives in Brooklyn, only some students such as Benjamin really bother to make a point of it. Daniel doesn’t really like to share his personal issues, mostly because nobody he knows really shows an interest in figuring out what’s the root of why he is like he is. In a way, Dan secretly hopes that Felicity might be the one he can open up to, since she already knows he was checked into a rehabilitation centre.


Henley’s heart is set on becoming a writer; however – he believes this impossible to even dream about. Instead of reaching toward his dream goal, he has settled on following a path into a career of architecture. Although it interests him, it’s second-best in his eyes to what he would really want to do with his life. But Daniel doesn’t see much point chasing something that could never happen, after all “How would a boy from Brooklyn get anywhere? You have to know people to get anywhere in this city.”

↳ Important relationships

  • Felicity Newman – Daniel is completely, irretrievably in love with Felicity Newman. He finds her absurdly fascinating and finds her beauty vastly perplexing. She just seems different – he’s dying to become more than just the boy that she met at ‘the bad house’. Daniel is also aware of Scarlett, since he sees her with Felicity most of the time.
  • Samuel Hunter – Samuel finds Daniel interesting, possibly because he’s a refreshing change from all of the meat-heads that believe because they’re a product of wealth and ‘socially acceptable’ families their god’s gift. Daniel doesn’t try to be something he’s not and Sam respects that. The two have a similar humour, so get on well where that’s concerned.
  • Benjamin Kingsley – Daniel and Benjamin have never gotten on, Ben labelling Daniel ‘the ugly duckling’ due to his residence in Brooklyn and contrast in wealth to the other students at Jude’s. Daniel also dislikes Ben for his ill treatment of Felicity and believes she could do much better.
  • Ethan Hawthorne – Ethan is the only other student at Jude’s that is remotely like Daniel – he also comes from Brooklyn and a slightly less wealthy family than most students at their school ( however, he is still wealthier than Daniel). The two are often seen together and Daniel regards him as a close friend, but hasn’t told him about anything going on at home or with his mental well-being.
  • Sawyer Hayes - Sawyer and Daniel get on on the grounds that they both share quite a witty humor and Sawyer is genuine compared to most on campus.
  • Daniel is also friends with Elliot, Turner, Alice and Willow.

This role is currently: TAKEN.

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